Sunday, May 5, 2013

Braided handband, with a pretty flower

Braided head band

Row 1: Chain 7 and do a sc  in the second chain from hook. 1 sc in each of the remaining 5 chains. Chain 1 and turn your work.
Row 2: 1 sc in each stitch , chain 1 turn.
Row 3: Make 2 sc in each of the next 2 stitches, chain 1 , turn
Row 4: 2 sc on the previous 2 sc. Continue in this manner until you have the desired length (equal to the circum ference of baby's head). Fasten off.
Now join Yarn at the 3rd stitch of Row 2. And repeat row 3 and 4 there, until the second strip equals the first strip. Fasten off.
Now once again join yarn at the 5th stitch of row 2. Repeat row 3 and 4 until the strip is equal to the first and second strip.
Once all three strips are done and equal in length weave the ends in.
Now join Yarn on the first stitch of the strip which ever falls on the right most. SC in the next stitch. SC on the first stitch of whichever strip falls next according to your braid. SC in the next stitch. SC in the first stitch of the last strip, and SC on the next stitch. Chain 1, turn.
1 SC in all the stitches.
Now hold both the ends together and join them with a row of SC.


Outer flower:
Begin with a magic circle.
*SC inside the ring, chain 14, sc in the ring.* Repeat from * 11 times.
Now slip st and join to the first SC.
Now SC in the first chain 14 sp, 15 more SC in the same sp.
SC on the next chain 14 space, 15 more in the same sp. Do the remaining 10 petals in the same way.
Here is a diagram for it I tried to make, hope it helps.

Inner flower:

Begin with a magic circle
Chain 4, *DC in the ring. Chain 1* repeat 5 more times, slip st in the 3rd chain of begining chain 4.
Sl stitch in the next ch 5 space. SC, 2TR, SC all in the same ch1 space. *SC in the next ch 1 sp, 2TR, 1 SC*, repeat for rest of the chain 1 spaces.

Now sew the ends in , arrange smaller flower on top of bigger flower and sew on to the band. You can sew a button too, for added cuteness.

I hope the pattern is easily understandable and you dont have any problems following it. But if you to I will be happy to help. Please contact me if you need any help with it. Or if there is any mistake in the pattern, feel free to point that out.

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